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  • Our story

    On 02/27/1945, the company Travi, Grillo e Cia Ltda was founded, whose founders were Nilo Travi, Ângelo Grillo, Francisco Casara, Marcos Travi and Otarino Travi. Initially, the company manufactured sweets (marmalades) and, in parallel, began to operate in the soap segment (1947). Subsequently, he began to work in the yerba mate segment (1954) and then also in the wood segment (1956).

  • The Beginning of Rubber Manufacturing

    From a problem with a shock absorber, which occurred on a trip, the inspiration came: using only an emery machine, an old tire could be transformed into small round discs. It was then that, in 1967, the small and profitable Autotravi Manufaturas de Borrachas Ltda was launched.

  • The Plastic Unit

    In 1968, in view of the high potential of the plastics market, a new business unit was created. The Autotravi Plásticos unit was then founded. Around 1982, the company, which at the time was called Autotravi Manufaturas de Borrachas, changed its name to Autotravi Borrachas e Plásticos Ltda.

  • The Split

    Autotravi Borrachas e Plásticos Ltda have been together for almost 32 years. At the beginning of 2011, they went through the spin-off process of their businesses. As of 2011, Autotravi Plásticos was renamed Travi Plásticos Ltda, which has no longer a corporate relationship since then. The right of the brand was for our company, which continued with the name Autotravi Borrachas e Plásticos Eireli, a vanguard and pioneering industry that accompanied the growth and development of this important metal-mechanical pole, located in Serra Gaúcha.

  • The new Factory

    In 2016, Autotravi Borrachas e Plásticos definitively completed its move to the new industrial Park. The modern structure, with more than 10,000 m2 and a production capacity of 600 tons of rubber per month, marks a new moment in the company’s history, allowing for growth and the achievement of new challenges.



Used in car doors and most types of opening, such as agricultural and yellow line cabins, bus trunks, trunk, doors and hatches.
Flocked Channels
Mainly used in the automotive sector, in fixed and sliding windows of light and heavy vehicles, buses and minibuses.
Rubber Profile with Metal Insert
Used in tabs, channels, flocked profiles and gaskets for doors in the most varied forms of application in auto parts, doors, boxes, tanks, etc.
Solid Profile
Used in glasses, doors and finishings for sealing and absorption of impact and vibration over the industrial, construction, road implements and automotive segments.
Spongy Profile
Used for sealing on uneven surfaces, thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as absorbing vibration.
Adhesive Profiles
Adhesive rubber profiles, also known as double-sided adhesive or self-adhesive, can be produced using solid or spongy profiles.

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