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Autotravi is placed in a wide market, serving different types of segments and products. This reality is due to the relentless search for technology and innovation. The market demands higher requirements, and Autotravi is prepared to meet the needs of its entire range of customers. For this, we have our own laboratory for the control of raw materials and compounds, as well as for the development of processes and new products. In addition, we have qualified professionals and an exclusive area for R&D, which constantly seeks to improve products, competitiveness, productivity and sustainability. Autotravi is ISO-9001 certified.

Autotravi has a complete “mini-factory” for pilot testing, used before putting our products on the production line.

Main laboratory equipment: viscometer, dynamometer, digital thermohygrometer, rheometer, shore durometer 00, shore A durometer, analytical balance, humidity meter, muffle oven, press, flake activity meter and Cleveland open vessel (flash point).


WMS Inventory Management System

Autotravi processes its own blends for the production of rubber profiles. This allows the brand to be competitive and adaptable to customer needs. The company also has an electronic weighing system, ensuring that all components are weighed within tolerance and as engineered. With this, it is possible to guarantee the demanding specifications of each product.

Inventories are also monitored by a WMS (Warehouse Management System), smartly organizing stock occupation, which facilitates the location and ensures that the products are used within their specified expiration date.