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Used in car doors and most types of opening, such as agricultural and yellow line cabins, bus trunks, trunk, doors and hatches.
Flocked Channels
Mainly used in the automotive sector, in fixed and sliding windows of light and heavy vehicles, buses and minibuses.
Rubber Profile with Metal Insert
Used in tabs, channels, flocked profiles and gaskets for doors in the most varied forms of application in auto parts, doors, boxes, tanks, etc.
Solid Profile
Used in glasses, doors and finishings for sealing and absorption of impact and vibration over the industrial, construction, road implements and automotive segments.
Spongy Profile
Used for sealing on uneven surfaces, thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as absorbing vibration.
Adhesive Profiles
Adhesive rubber profiles, also known as double-sided adhesive or self-adhesive, can be produced using solid or spongy profiles.

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